23 april 2018
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Al Tenaiji pledges continued support for referees

Dubai – The referees committee and department have successfully concluded the FIFA advanced referees training course at the association’s offices in Al Khawaneej here on Tuesday. The three-day event saw the participation of 60 referees and five assessors and staged under the supervision of the Jordanian instructor Ismail Al Hafi and Dr. Hassan Khaldi from Singapore.

The closing ceremony was attended by HE Saeed Al Tenaiji, deputy chairman of the FA besides Dr. Khalifa Al Ghafli, chairman of the referees committee, Mohammed Obaid Al Yamahy, deputy chairman of the committee, Ebrahim Al Nimr, assistant secretary general for technical affairs, Ebrahim Al Ammash and Naser Abdulla, members of the referees committee and Ahmed Yaqoob, director of the referees department.

Al Tenaiji reiterated that the UAEFA is keen to provide every support to ensure the success of such important continental and international training course within the objectives of the football governing body to upgrade the overall refereeing system.

Meanwhile, the top sports figure thanked the FIFA for staging such courses in Dubai as part of the joint cooperation and coordination between the two bodies to develop the football judges.

Dr. Al Ghafli, meanwhile, noted that such FIFA and AFC events continue to promote the refereeing system pointing out that the judges have been doing very well during the training course thanks to the support of the UAEFA.

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