24 may 2018
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UAEFA hosts Sports Medicine Physicians conference

The sports medical committee of the UAEFA held its routine meeting at the association’s offices on Thursday. The meeting was chaired over by HE Marwan bin Ghalita, Chairman of the UAEFA and attended by Dr Mostafa Al Sayed Al Hashemi, chairman of the sports medical committee, Dr. Majdi Eskandar, Dr. Mubarak Al Farisi, Dr. Murad Al Gharairi, Dr. Hashel Obaid Al Tenaiji and Dr. Ahmed Ebrahim, members of the committee besides Ahmed Al Sayed, secretary of the committee.

Bin Ghalita reiterated at the beginning of the meeting the determination of the UAEFA to support the sports medical committee and provide all facilities for the scientific and awareness work plans of the committee to contribute to the upgrade of the sports medicine within the country. “The move comes within our commitment to increase the scientific knowledge in the country as part of the continues liaison between the association, clubs and national teams through the advancement of the scientific and practical knowledge of the medical staffs and to keep pace with the new developments in the field to ensure the safety of players and injuries prevention,” he said.

“We are delighted to host the conference of the European society of sports physicians scheduled to be held at the Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences in Dubai. It is the first time for this conference to be staged outside Europe. The conference will be held in collaboration with the FIFA Medical Committee and the outstanding FIFA Medical Centre in Dubai which highlights the capabilities of the UAE to host such important major events,” he added.

Meanwhile, the conference features the top sports medicine experts from the different parts of the world and will touch a number of topics which cover the most recent developments in sports medicine in general and the football medicine in particular. This is in addition to the effects of the climate factors on football practice and women football as well as the most recent scientific methods in injuries prevention and treatment. However, over 500 participants representing the different specializations are expected to take part in the conference including the physicians of leading international clubs and the members of the FIFA medical committee.

Furthermore, it has been agreed on the sidelines of the agreement that has been signed recently between the UAEFA and the Outstanding FIFA Medical Centre in Dubai, to host a special workshop at the association’s offices in Dubai in February for the medical staffs of the clubs and national teams under the supervision of the FIFA. Participants will be awarded an approved certificate by the UAE Ministry of Health.

The committee has also decided to schedule a meeting with the officials of the Arabian Gulf League to discuss the addition of some tests, particularly the medical tests which are related to the infectious diseases and necessary inoculation for the medical tests prior to the competitions of the AGL clubs and shall be introduced right from next season.

Moreover, it has been decided to visit the first division clubs to review the medical preparations thereat and to organise lectures and workshops for the medical staffs to upgrade the scientific and practical performance.



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