24 may 2018
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UAE Football Home Embraces Stars Dialogue

UAE FA President Leads the Dialogue 

Major Proposals: Return of Players’ Association, Ambassadors Project, Honor of International Players 

Saturday, May 13th, 2017:  Football Stars Dialogue was concluded with specific unanimous proposals. The session was run for two hours and attended by UAE FA President, Eng. Marwan bin Ghalita and Acting General Secretary, Ibrahim Hassan Al Nemer. 

The discussion which was led by UAE FA President and Head of National Department, Abdulqader Hassan, commenced with welcome speech by the President who affirmed that UAE FA is opened for the ideas and contributions of former players. 

He said that players represent the core of the game and UAE FA is always keen to be enlightened with their visions and ideas. 

In order to make the dialogue more interactive, the President announced his support to the revival of Players’ Association to include in its membership all the registered players with approximate number of seven thousands. He added that UAE FA will adopt Ambassadors Project and the players are invited to submit their proposed ambassadors. 

The President’s ideas were supported by the attendees. Mohsen Musabah pointed out that the establishment of players association is so important to serve players interest. 

Head of National Team Department, Abdulqader Hassan presented a number of topics for the debates, including how our national teams can reach the final of international competitions, the participation of UAE players in other professional leagues and reluctance of coaching by former international players. 

All participants praised UAE FA initiative on sharing their views on developing UAE football, and stressed that they were ready at any time. 

Mubarak Ghanim, Mohsen Musabah, Abdulaziz Mohamed, Ismail Rashid, Khalil Ghanim, Sbait Khater, Mutaz Abdulla, Jamal Bohinid, Salem Rabei, Zakria Ahmed and Hbaita presented very valuable inputs during the debates. 

Sbait Khater proposed that UAE FA must retract its decision on merging some age groups competitions and that UAE players shall be exposed to refresher familiarization sessions with European clubs. Mubarak Ghanim called on the need to study the competitions in details and raise the competitiveness. 

Ismail Rashid called for the establishment of a system between UAE FA and clubs to develop the players, assess players’ salaries and push the cycle of professionalism. In his part, Mutaz Abdulla asked for special treatment for international players who wish to work in coaching field. 

The deliberations resulted in several proposals, including the revive of players’ association, establishment of scouts’ panel to facilitate exploring of talented players, provide players with familiarization sessions in international clubs, set some licenses for administrators, design a mechanism for players’ selections and the development of training centers.    

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