18 june 2018
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Bujsaim: I will continue supporting referees and UAE FA provides means of success


Bin Ghalita: Rough season awaits you; it requires focus, confidence and courage

Al Jenaibi: We greatly trust you and wait for outstanding performance 

Dubai/ Wednesday, September 13th, 2017: UAE Referees Parliament was held today in presence of UAE FA President Eng. Marwan bin Ghalita; Vice President, Abdulla Al Jenaibi; and the Board Member: Ahmed Al Mahbobi; Husan Al Zarooni; Mohamed Al Yamahi; Ibrahim Lamash; besides Referees Committee Members; Steven Benet, Referees Technical Director; Ahmed Yaqoob, Referees Director; the International Referee, Ali Bujsaim and 1st Team Referees. 

Bujsaim affirmed his continued support to referees and that he has the trust on UAE refereeing. He invited the referees to prepare themselves well for the new season and accept advice and criticism from their colleagues, instructors and assessors. He concluded “this season I will be available with referee assessors to assist them in monitoring referees’ performance and highlighting points of strength and weakness. 

On his part, UAE FA President, Bin Ghalita said “the new season requires focus, confidence and courage in taking the correct decisions, as the competition will be fierce” He added “I wish great success for the prospective referee for FIFA World Cup Russia 2018, Abdulla Hassan. He reached peak readiness. In conclusion, he thanked the eminent figure in UAE refereeing, Ali Bujsaim for stance with referees.

UAE FA Vice President, Al Jenaibi praised the efforts exerted by referees and expressed his trust on them. He added “UAE referee proved his excellence for many years, however special attention must be paid to playing time. I wish success for referees in their complicated roles”. 



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