16 november 2018
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Law Respect Culture Bureau Conducts Awareness Session for U-16 National Team

In the Context of Joint Cooperation 
Dubai / Sunday, February 4th, 2018: Law Respect Culture Bureau of Ministry of Interior has organized an awareness session for U-16 national team with the aim of enlighten players on laws and rules regulating football on the pitch and the appropriate conduct to be complied with to preserve safety and security. 
The session was attended by UAE FA Assistant General Secretary for Technical Affairs; Hassan Al Jassmi, UAE FA Official Spokesperson; Abdulrahman Al Hadad, Assistant Coach and Adel Al Abed, UAE FA Media Advisor. 
The lecture was delivered by the 1st Lieutenants Jasem Khamis, Saif Rashid and Ali Rashid for Law Respect Culture Bureau and it highlighted the rules and regulations of UAE Football Association and FIFA. 
The lecturers stressed that the player must fully believe that football is for fun and they are ambassadors to represent their nations in various international arenas, and either win or lose, sportsmanship shall prevail. 
Al Nemer thanked the Bureau for its great efforts in raising the awareness on the importance of respecting the laws and regulations of sports in general and football in particular. He stressed that such lectures will consolidate law respect culture among players. 

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