16 november 2018
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Two Workshops on the Security of Sports Facilities and Events

The 1st Workshop in Abu Dhabi today, the 2nd Tomorrow in Dubai 

Abu Dhabi / Monday, February 5th, 2018: Within the framework of cooperation between Ministry of Interior and UAE Football Association, a workshop on security of sports facilities and events was conducted today in Abu Dhabi. The Event was attended by Major General Faris Khalifa, Director General of Central Operations at the Ministry of Interior and Chairman of the Committee on Promotion of Sports Facilities and Events Security; the Brigadier General Rashid Suhail, Director of Special Tasks; Dr. Khailfa Al Ghafli, UAE FA Board Member; Lieutenant Colonel Turki Saeed, Legal Directorate at Ministry of Interior; Khalid Awad, Competitions Committee Member and Representatives of Abu Dhabi clubs.

The workshop highlighted the clauses of Federal Law No. 8 of 2014 and its executive regulations and the Ministerial Resolution No. 31 of 2015 which emphasize the objective of the law on sports facilities and events security, taking into account the safety and security measures stipulated in the regulations of international federations.

It stressed that each club should have sports facilities and events security officer to ensure safety of spectators and prevent undue conduct. 

The Major General, Faris Khalifa answered the questions which were raised by the attendees and affirmed that Ministry of Interior is obliging all clubs to comply with this law. 

UAE FA Board Member, Khalifa Al Ghafli pointed out that UAE FA will apply this law on clubs in order to be activated in all competitions in cooperation with Ministry of Interior. Another workshop will be held tomorrow at UAE FA Premise in Dubai for the clubs of Northern Emirates. 



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