23 january 2019
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WFC Crowns Women Teams with Age Groups Titles

In Its Coronation Ceremony at UAE FA HQ in Dubai 

Dubai / Monday, May 14th, 2018: Women Football Committee (WFC) has organized a coronation ceremony at UAE FA Headquarter in Dubai for women teams which achieved titles in the sports season 2017/2018. The recipients were enthroned by the committee members, Horiya Al Taheri and Mariam Al Zarooni and Meitha Al Arfi – Representative of Fatma bint Mubarak Ladies Sports Academy.  

The U-13 scorer award was gone to the player Ghadir Al Taheri from Dubai Training Centre, the MVP award was granted to Mariam Obaid from East Sharjah & Fujairah Training Centre and the player Mahra Al Wari from Private Schools Training Center was honored with the Best Goalkeeper Award. 

For U-15 League, the scorer, MVP and Best Goalkeeper awards were granted to Shahad Khalid, Abu Dhabi Club; Moza Ibrahim, East Sharjah & Fujairah Training Centre and Sheikha, Dubai Training Centre – respectively. 

In respect to titles, Abu Dhabi Club was crowned champion for U-13 League, while Dubai Training Centre came in the runners-up and Private Schools in the 3rd place. East Sharjah & Fujairah Centre achieved the title of U-15 League, leaving the runners-up and 3rd place for Abu Dhabi Club and Dubai Centre respectively. 

In the upper age group, Go Pro Team grabbed U-17 title, while Abu Dhabi Club came in the 2nd place followed by Dubai Centre in the 3rd place.

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